Friday, December 14, 2007

Honda Civic with manual transmission to be reengineered

The manually controlled Honda Civic and the Honda Fit will be undergoing some reengineering to be qualified for the Government of Canada’s 2008 ecoAUTO Rebate program. In order to qualify for this program, the car must meet Transport Canada’s fuel economy rating of 6.5 liters per 100 kilometers or less. The Canadian government’s ecoAUTO rebates for both the Civic and the Fit is $1,000, while the Civic Hybrid is up for 2008 with a $2,000 rebate. Honda will only be implementing the changes to both sedan and coupe models, except for their top-of-the-line Civic Si coupe and sedan.

“We worked very hard within an incredibly short period of time with Honda's research and development teams and our assembly facilities to make the necessary changes to allow manual transmission-equipped Fit and Civic models to qualify for the rebate program,” said Honda Canada Inc.’s executive vice president Jim Miller in a statement. “The changes that Honda Canada made to these Fit and Civic models are quite significant. However, we were able to make these engineering changes without any compromises to our full complement of standard safety features. This approach goes beyond industry and government requirements to ensure that Canadians are not forced to choose between environmental concerns or personal safety when buying a vehicle, regardless of its price or size. This is our 'Honda Benefit' for Canadians.”

This is good news for all the Canadians who are eyeing the Civic as their next mode of quality transportation. Not only is the Civic Honda’s fleet of high-performing cars, but also a fuel efficient vehicle. Practical? Nah, the word’s “ideal”. It’s just great to live the Honda Civic Life.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Honda Scholfield donates Honda Civic GX to Greensburg Kansas

Honda Scholfield of Witchita, being known as the only dealer of compressed natural gas in the state of Kansas, turned over the keys of a Honda Civic GX to Greensburg Green Town director Daniel Wallach last Tuesday. Honda Scholfield owner Roger Scholfield honored the ceremony. With this event came the dealer’s attempt to bring the issue of dealing natural gas vehicles on a larger scale in the country. Scholfield said that the technology in developing vehicles such as the Honda Civic GX is greatly needed in the country, as only 160,000 natural gas-run are being shipped to the States, over the six million that are being shipped worldwide.

As there are no plans yet on how the town will use the car that Honda donated, Wallach believes that the car’s presence alone can help boost the town’s efforts in showing their goal to achieve a greener city. As a matter of fact, Wallach sees this opportunity as the town’s first step to be seen as a “model of energy efficiency in transportation, as well as construction and urban design”. Green Town, the non-profit organization that Wallach has founded is planning to build a vehicle rental center in the city, which features “a wide array of state-of-the-art alternative fuel vehicles”, just like the electric-powered cars and the Honda Civic GX.

City Administrator Steve Hewitt only has praises for the whole event: “by stressing this kind of technology we’re showing our kids we can do things right and what is right is what is sustainable.”

Wallach has been known for pursuing his efforts after the May 4 tornado hit the town. He then has been consistently pushing his advocacy of energy efficiency and sustainability at all public forums. Greensburg Green Town was a result of his passionate attempts on bringing back the town what it had lost during the calamity.

Source: Kiowa County Signal

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Want a Type-R R3? Order now!

Great news for Honda Civic rally Type-R R3 fans! You now have the chance to experience rally track driving with the superior performance of the Civic! The rally-prepared Type-R R3 by JAS Motorsport is now ready to order. As a matter of fact, it received the full approval of the FIA. Honda was proud to have this baby of theirs to pass as a 2.0-liter two-wheel drive car. They have successfully complied with the latest rally regulations of the FIA, so this legally hot and smokin’ rally car can now be yours!

As a veteran tuner of Honda Civic sportscars, JAS Motorsport enhanced the engine and transmission box of this rally Civic, and even got a hand from Mugen. Actually, this rally-prepared Civic also shares the same framework as the European Civic FN, except the rally type sports a TIG welded roll cage that is crafted from Chrome-Molybdenum steel. Imagine ordering this baby to flaunt it to your friends (given of course, that you have the money to purchase it). They will surely drool over its 2.0-liter Mugen powerplant, producing 260 horses and can reach up to 8,300 rpm. Also, its rally racing components will get you going to the nearest Type-R R3 maker---4kg lightweight flywheel, Pro Competition-ready camshafts, exhaust pipe, air filter, and so much more. You definitely will not miss out if you have its steering wheel in your grip. But of course, if you want to buy this baby, make sure that you’re gonna be taking it out on some dirt road. Otherwise, this baby will fall asleep with the boredom of traversing the plain old highways.

Source: Product

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hesitating to buy a Hybrid? Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t

People are always hesitant to try something new. This is greatly evident for the automotive industry. Its latest development, the Hybrid technology, has got everyone quite tiptoeing on whether or not they should ride along with the green bandwagon. Here are some of the most common reasons why people are hesitant on buying a Hybrid---and some of the reasons why they shouldn’t.


First: the Hybrid technology is quite complicated which makes it expensive to fix

--assessing the situation, this shouldn’t really be a legitimate reason for hesitation. As the automotive industry progresses, its complexity goes along with it. Even non-hybrid cars have gone totally complicated nowadays, which could lead to misguided conclusions in case of car problems. And let’s not forget: cars are only getting more expensive, not cheaper. Of course, our times have changed (along with the rise of expenses). We must not complain about shelling out money for our cars, because unless you are knowledgeable about modern automotive mechanics, then it’s really unlikely that you will spend money to have your problems solved. But just in case, keeping close contact with the dealer will not hurt, and prove to be handy in times of dire need.

Second: Hybrids have a limited battery pack life---according to the Kelley blue Book’s survey.

--All batteries have a limited pack life---even that of your internal combustion engine vehicle. But not to worry, according to, hybrids run on a regular gasoline-powered engine assisted by an electric motor. In fact, the electric motor's battery is charged through the gas engine while the car is braking and idling. Hence, the car batteries that Hybrids use are specifically designed to “move energy in and out quickly and efficiently,” according to Ford manager Tom Watson in the same interview.

Third: Hybrids can “stall” or “sputter”

--Some concerns were raised when some Hybrids would allegedly shut off their engines along the highways. But, this is only a “software glitch”. Car owners who experience this must immediately contact their dealers and have the new software installed to avoid having these problems.

When all else fails, you ought to try out what the Honda Civic hybrid has in store for you. You will be surprised that you hesitated to buy a hybrid, knowing that the Civic Hybrid has it all in one smooth package.


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Honda Civic VTi gets honored by Aussies for the second time

According to Australia’s Best Cars judging panel, the Honda Civic VTi was “perennially excellent.” As if this description was not enough to explain how the Civic triumphed as a sedan, they awarded this car with the Best Mid-Size car under $28,000.

“It's on road ability suits the type of daily commuting a vehicle could normally expect to encounter. The ride is comfortable, yet well controlled over almost any road surface, while the handling is more surefooted on the highway,” the club said in a statement. “It's just as much at home in city traffic or squeezing into a tight parking spot. The Civic looks and feels like a more expensive car.”

Grateful enough, Honda Australia’s Managing Director and CEO Yasuhide Mizuno was really glad to win the award. “My thanks go to the Australia's Best Cars judges,” he said in a statement. “Winning an award of this kind is true reflection of the Civic's style, quality and affordability. The Civic has been a Honda favourite for many years and it contains our unique and advanced technology in an affordable package.”

Congratulations Honda Australia!


Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Team Honda J.A.S.---Impressive Gravel Round at the World Championship

After posting about the preparations that team Honda has undergone for the 2007 World Championship, we now have the news on how they fared. They were pretty much good---and I am not just saying that. As a matter of fact, they managed to take home a glistening class A7 win. This is despite veteran driver Dani Sola’s unsuccessful trips on the first and second day. What more if they took the road on a clear ride? (Smiles smugly.) (In photo: Dani Sola)

The Type-R R3 is the latest addition to Honda’s growing fleet of Civic cars. But the Type-R R3 is more geared towards conquering the gravel paths of the earth. (Or Great Britain for that matter.) According to Honda J.A.S. team, “…throughout the event, the Civic Type R R3 demonstrated perfect mechanical reliability and a prodigious pace, within two seconds per kilometre of the four-wheel drive Super 2000 cars,” the statement read. “On stage 16, Sola even set an excellent 25th quickest time overall, just behind the top runners in the Production Car World Championship.”

Also a flash of good news: the Type-R R3 is eligible for the Junior Championship to be held next year, the same race where Type-R R3 pilot Dani Sola championed. Sola only had good things to say about his experience, even if they encountered some problems along the way due to Britain’s rough roads and weather condition.

“I've been very impressed with the car throughout the rally, which has given us no mechanical problems whatsoever despite some very tough conditions. On Friday we were just a little too fast into the corner, so the car jumped out of the ruts left by the World Rally Cars and we went off, luckily with no damage,” he said in a statement. “Over the rest of the rally we were able to push quite hard and I'm very pleased with our times. I've also been very proud to contribute to the development of this great car with JAS Motorsport over the course of the year: now we have a really competitive package.”

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rally Civic Hybrid Wows Glyn Memorial Stage Rally Spectators

After learning about the Rally Type-R R3’s debut, the Civic Hybrid Rally is not one to be left behind. In fact, it made an impressive debut recently at the Glyn Memorial Stage Rally, which was held at the Anglesey Circuit complex, North of Wales. The Oaktec Team is responsible for the petrol electric powered Civic Hybrid Rally. Suffice to say, they are like proud parents when their baby pulled a really impressive performance for the two-day rally, which has 14 “special stages”. Unfortunately, the weather was bad during that time, but the Civic Hybrid Rally pulled through.

According to a release by Oaktec team, the Civic Hybrid Rally placed 48th over 88 in the overall category, and it even got the 6th spot over 13 cars in the modified 1400cc class. This all the more highlighted the environment-friendly Honda IMA technology. The car is said to be on display at the “Future of Motorsport” stand in London on December 8 to 9.

This is really good news for those who doubt the power of the Civic Hybrid. This will make you say, hey, a car with low emissions and striking power, I’d want that!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Track-only Civic Type-R Debuts at the GB

The hyped up Honda Civic Type-R Rally will be making its debut at the Wales Rally Great Britain this week. The Wales Rally is the final round for the much-coveted 2007 World Rally Championship.

Dani Sola, former Junior World Champion, will be the pilot of the Civic Type-R R3’s cockpit in Great Britain. Sola is no stranger to the Rally Type-R, as he already tried the roads of the asphalt World Championship debut on the Catalunya Rally in Spain last October. In fact, Sola even bagged the R3 class over the other well-established competitors. Very recently, the Type-R finished an impressive fifth place overall in the Rallye du Valais in Switzerland, but the gravel road of the GB will be a new trying ground for the Type-R. Developed by JAS Motorsports, the R3 Type-R was able to comply with the new FIA rally regulations. Hence, the car uses a two-liter Honda Mugen engine, and is driven by two-wheels only.

“Great Britain is one of my favorite gravel events because the stages really reward commitment. However, we are not underestimating the challenge ahead of us. As a team, we haven’t competed on gravel since July---and this new R3 car has never competed on gravel at all. Our mission will be to get the car to the finish and try to prove that we can be as competitive on gravel as we are on asphalt.” ---> well, it looks like Sola is all positive about the race, so let’s just watch out as it starts this Friday, ending on Sunday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Civic Hybrid, or Civic Type-R?

This question is like an argument that will totally rip you apart. On the one hand, you can opt to go for cleaner emissions, which means that you will be able to help the environment and help other people. On the other hand though…Well, I am not saying that power leads to harmful emissions. But the thing is, this power requires sacrifice too…Its superior internal combustion engine burns fuel that may emit some nitrogen oxides. So, which will it be?

Allow me to help you make a decision by leaving out each car’s key features.

Every motorist is practically riding along the Green Bandwagon. (Which is not a bad thing, mind you.) Honda was able to release a pretty good contender to the Prius. The Honda Civic Hybrid’s 1300cc 8-valve i-VTEC petrol motor is linked to an electric motor, thus giving birth to a partnership that is known as the Integrated Motor Assist or IMA. This might not seem to be too thrilling to some, but its power is enough for you to keep pace with the speeding cars on the freeway.

Ah, the Civic Type-R. If you have read my previous blogpost, you will know the wonders that the limited edition Civic Type-RR did---selling a total of 300 units in just 10 minutes! Its mother model, the Type-R, is a tad short of one R but it is just as mighty on the road. Its 2000cc petrol engine can reach 8000 rpm, and is 30 kilos lighter. Just imagine all the dust that the other cars will be eating when you rev this baby up.

Which one do I choose? I’m not gonna be a hypocrite now and choose the Hybrid just because it helps the environment. I choose the Civic Type-R, not just for its power, but more importantly, because it shows how the Civic has evolved. What about you?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Honda Team welcomes Chilton for BTCC

After the victory of the Team Halfords Honda Civic at this year’s BTCC, Team Dynamics Honda is ready to go for another winning round at next year’s tourney. This time though, one new driver will be stepping on the Honda gas pad to best other drivers---Tom Chilton. He may be young, but this 22-year-old Britain-based boy is The Man when it comes to racing. He will be replacing two-time series champion Matt Neal in the driver’s seat, since it was more like they traded places. Neal will now be seated at Chilton’s Vauxhall car for the 2008 BTCC. Together with veteran champion Gordon “Flash” Shedden, Chilton will try out how it feels to fly with decked out Honda Civics.

Although Chilton is already a six-time race-winner, he will still be starting on the back foot since he only gained the ninth place last year, and he also has a new car to learn. The Flash Shedden will be spearheading the race. This little technicality did not bother Chilton though, as his hopes are high for the race. “This will be my seventh year in the BTCC, I've won races before and shown I can run at the front and now want to win the title. This is my chance to do that,” Chilton said in an interview by Eurosport.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Honda Ireland Reaches 4,000 Milestone

Honda Ireland has shown an impressive growth since the year 2003, and this greatly reflects in their sales too, according to the company. Reportedly, their sales have gone beyond the 4,000 mark by the end of the month of October, making the company reach a milestone in the industry. This equates to a 13 percent increase compared to the same period in 2006. The year 2007 is yet the best that Honda Ireland has seen since its establishment in 1985, based on the company’s over-all performance and sales results.

The Japan-established company expects its worldwide sales to reach at least a ten percent increase for the whole duration of 2007. After the company’s Ireland arm showed great enthusiasm to reach this goal, the company expects a 19 percent increase in their European sales.

“The development of Honda's critically acclaimed diesel engine and more recently the innovative introduction of 'Hybrid' technology in the Civic 4 door range are key to the brand's success in Europe and consequently in the Irish market over the coming years,” Frank Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Director of Universal Honda said in an interview by Galway Independent. “The key to achieving this sharp increase in sales is in the development of some new products equipped with innovative environmentally friendly technology. The introduction of more 'hybrid' powered cars in 2009 along with the introduction of products equipped with Honda's new Idec Clean Diesel engine will not only influence our sales growth but also help to reduce the Honda carbon footprint in our market and realize the corporate aspiration of achieving average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 140gm/km by 2009.”

Friday, November 16, 2007

Limited Edition 2008 Mugen Honda Civic Si paralyzed in dealer's open lot

I posted earlier that Honda Civic topped the list as the most stolen car---which is not good news at all. Today’s news is a little bit different. The car has been robbed of its parts, rendering it to be unavailable for interested buyers. What’s worse though, limited edition Mugen Honda Civics are not always easy to get. So when this Honda dealer saw what happened to one of their exclusives, they learned a very valuable lesson: do not leave a precious Civic out in an open lot.

There are only 1,000 units of the 2008 Mugen Civic Si that reached stateside. With the report from Autoblog though, it looks like we are short of one. A very eager thief just couldn’t wait to get his hands on this baby, which was why he “smashed a window, took the wheels, seats, badges, and shift knob among other miscellaneous items” according to Autoblog. He will probably sell it to his gang of dreamers who don’t have the chance to experience the power of this Honda. It was such a disturbing sight, seeing this blue Civic Mugen standing on its front rotors and two jackstands. What will make of this poor baby now? Those nasty “businessmen” really need to learn their lesson immediately. In the meantime, for all of you who are lucky enough to drive this Mugen Si, you now know that the hounds are out to get you. Be careful, and avoid parking in dimly-lit open lots. As for the thieves, we all hope that you’ll get run over by a bulldozer. (Source: Autoblog)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle is Here

Honda unveiled the production model of its FCX Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle concept at the Los Angeles International auto show. Along with the surprise came the announcement that the company will be releasing limited units to the market by summer of 2008. Although critics were not too fond of how the Clarity turned out to look like, I think that Honda made a pretty good design. It is kind of reminiscent to the new Accord models, except that its emissions are cleaner. Let me rephrase that---it has zero emissions.

This “next-generation, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle” is reportedly based on an entirely new Honda V Flow fuel cell platform. It uses the Honda V Flow fuel cell stack so that it could generate the power that the car needs. This is a good glimpse at how Honda will be producing their next fleet of vehicles---more powerful, and yet less harmful. Personally, I think that this is the trend that every other carmaker must follow. Trough developing the use of lithium ion battery packs and a hydrogen storage tank, Honda is now able to put power into the Clarity’s electric motor. Now that, is automotive innovation.

We hope that the Clarity fares well in the market. If they do, it only means that the people are now ready to drive with zero emissions.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nice Honda Civic Wheels

Honda Civic is a pretty nice car to pimp out. It is easy to customize because its body is versatile with its unique contours---be it a hatchback or a sedan---just add some glittering wheels and they will be ready. Underneath the hood, the Civic bears its weapon: the VTEC engine. But enough about a Honda Civic’s performance, we already know that it is supreme in its class. It is now time to feature some really good Civic wheels. They may be not directly from Honda, but these knock-out wheels really know how to jazz up a Civic. Check out some pics.

The wheels of the Honda Civic are really important. These are the car parts that actually bear the body of the car. Whether they may be made of chrome or just spray-painted (oh dear gods don’t do that), they immediately bring glitz to the car. Btu they are important, for they serve as the framework (ironic word to use for something round) of the tires. They make it possible for a car to traverse along rocky and bumpy roads. So even if you spice up your wheels to the max, it will still be useless without the right care and maintenance. And that, is the closest way to get some really nice Honda Civic Wheels.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Honda Goes Greener for 2008

Cars are major contributors to pollution. In a world where the luxury of transportation has become a necessity, building more cars seem to be a good idea. But, since they have been known for harming the environment, people can’t chose between conveniences over nature. So, carmakers began creating feasible solutions to help eradicate this problem. This is why the creation of Hybrid vehicles seemed to be the most important breakthrough in the automotive industry... Because it really is.

Honda has long been in the frontier of this advocacy. It is no surprise therefore that their “green” hybrid cars fared well in the market, just like the Honda Civic Hybrid and GX. But for 2008, American Honda Motor Co. has a new strategy: double the green.

According to reliable’s report, the Japan-established carmaker has undertook a “series of new green building initiatives as part of a leading effort to further reduce the environmental impact of Honda’s operations and products.” Under this initiative, their arm of luxury vehicles, Acura, is also included in the game plan. They focus basically on developing four areas: Home Heating Cogeneration Product, Natural Gas Home Refueling Appliance, Honda Solar Cells, and their Automobiles.

Source: Reliable Plant

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The 100,000th car of Honda Pegoh, a Civic

Honda has conquered the world. You can just imagine this when you realize that Honda Malaysia has rolled out their 100,000th car off the production line. And guess what, that car just happened to be an eighth generation Honda Civic!

The company has been known for producing models like the CR-V, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, and the Honda City. They also craft high-quality constant velocity joint (CVJ) for the export market. Their CVJ shipment has reached its one millionth mark, along with the release of the one hundredth car. This Pegoh plant in Alor Gajah is said to produce 25,000 units per year.

Congratulations Honda Malaysia, and say hello to the streets you lucky Honda Civic.

Source: The Edge Daily

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gas Price Rollback Perfect for the Honda Civic GX

The demand for Natural gas-driven vehicles is on a high. As people suffer from wars that sprout from oil monopoly, the insistent gas price hikes are added salts to the injury. But, the auto industry is not one to just sit back and let things happen. Hence, the creation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-fueled vehicles happened.

In Utah, a price rollback was implemented at the start of the month, giving the usual 73.6 cents a slide, so now it is 63.9 cents. This significant number of decrease is translated clearly by the Deseret News’ story: “That means the Honda Civic GX---the only new vehicle on the market in Utah that is designed to run on natural gas and rated at 39 miles per gallon---would have a per-mile fuel cost of 1.6 cents, compared to 7.7 cents if the same vehicle used gasoline costing $3 per gallon.”

This rollback will be felt more by car owners who run on CNG vehicles. While CNG is often run on business vehicles and not private ones, the effect is better. Number one, consuming CNG leads to getting the best in fuel economy. This has already been proven, especially when compared to those gas-hungry muscle cars. Also, the emissions are cleaner with CNG. No need to worry about polluting the air.

With this rollback, we now conclude that good things really happen to good people.

Source: Deseret News

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pimped Out Honda Civics

Honda Civic is probably one of the most flexible cars of all time. This means that they can be easily modified in case it begins to feel boring. Just go out in the streets and you’ll get what I mean. They usually prefer re-doing a 1990’s generation of a Honda Civic, as is with the cars used in The Fast and the Furious. It’s pretty simple actually. All you have to do is upgrade the engine with a mean machine. Customize the body paint with a real nice chrome glaze, or a frantic-patterned paint. Then, remove the old doors and hook it up with some suicide or gull-wing doors. The next thing you know, this Civic will be preferred over the latest 2008 model.

Take this pimped-out Civic in the famous auto show Pimp My Ride. Radical changes were made to make the owner happier, and to better enjoy the classic Civic.

But with this one, called the ElecTrick, all you will need is a PSP and you can drive away. What a way to pimp out your Civic right? Aside of course from all the physical changes, what’s really impressive about this car is that it can be controlled by a PSP. Just like a remote-controlled car. Pretty cool huh? Nice work Metra Electronics.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Street Racing Legacy

Honda is one name that always breezes through the streets. We know this, because their street racing legacy is evident everywhere. Even with its original production motorcycles, their reputation is directly associated with superior racing quality. If you will see in Honda’s history, shortly six years after Honda Motor Co. was founded, the Honda Racing Corporation or HRC was established. It was the year 1954, and the Japanese auto industry is catching up with the European technology. Honda, being a neophyte in this arena, impressed everyone with their high-performing engines and motorcycles. You can just picture this achievement through their 5 cylinder 125cc bike that can turn 22,000 rpm!

Ten years after HRC was established, Honda joined the Formula One racing challenge. They drew a bigger racing crowd this time, but their partnership with Mugen lingered tightly. Up to this day, their racing prowess is evident in the latest models of the Civic, Honda’s most acclaimed car for street racing. Remember the film Fast and the Furious right? They all drove Honda Civics with decked out engines. This reflects Honda’s adaptability to gearing up on the fast lane.

So don’t be surprised if Honda will take on the world of fast cars pretty soon. After all, they can.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweet Honda Lovin’

Taking good care of your Honda is easy---keeping it at its best is another story. After all, your Honda is not high-maintenance. Its parts are all made and built to last every durability test, and function with great performance. I’m not just crapping in my chair here, I really do know for a fact that Hondas can outlive other cars. Even those that is Europe-based. Just take a look at the life of a Honda Civic. The many generations that it has seen are enough to qualify it as a car that really shows good Japanese carmaking.

Nevertheless, taking care of your Honda must still be observed. This can be accomplished by doing few, easy steps. Topping all of them, is the periodic (but regular) tune-up of the Honda. When it comes to the Honda’s “doctor’s check-up”, make sure that all the works are done. For instance, changing of the oils, the air filter, checking the brake pads for signs of wear, and the radiator are the constant things that must be done in tune-ups. Specific car systems that need to be checked include the ignition, cooling, exhaust, and the brakes. Making sure that all components of these systems are working will leave your Honda performing its best until (or even after) the next tune-up.

What’s new? Nothing I said above is new, because every car owner already knows this. But what every Honda lover must mind, is that Hondas must be kept on the road too. Do not let it bore in the garage and flaunt it off with sweet Honda pride.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan Available at $29,500

American Honda Motor Co. announced that it will be selling the limited production MUGEN Si Sedan. The suggested retail price is $29,500, but the destination and handling charges is not yet included.

This special track-tuned Civic is all powered by its powertrain, cracking 197 horsepower. Complete with rear spoilers and sports grille, this Sedan is one of the most sought after power rides. So if you want to get your hands on one, you better be ready to shell out over 30 grand. This price, after all, is very reasonable for a genius package.

Source: Autospectator

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honda Civic Type R Variant Goes Stateside

There is a big possibility that the much coveted Honda Civic Type R will be offered in a diesel variant---to the US. While Honda Civic diesel engines are a new thing, you may be surprised to know that Civics usually come with a 2.2L diesel engine. This is common to other auto markets. This 2.2L diesel engine is said to make 140 ponies run under the hood. However, Civic contemporaries are a far cry to this. The VW Golf, Toyota Aurius, and Renault Megane are pretty strong with their diesel engines making 170 horsepower.

Hence, rumor has it that Honda will be implementing the CTDi Accord engine into the Civic Type R. This powertrain will guarantee 180 horsepower and 315 lbs-ft of torque. This will definitely tickle every Civic fan’s fancy. Boosting the Type R this fresh new way in North America will probably mean more sales. But more so, Honda will attain an image of being revolutionary. Not just with its engines, but also with its plans for future Honda Civics.

Source: Mobile Mag

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Flying Honda Civic Engine

In Nigeria, Physics major Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi successfully created his own flying helicopter out of metal scrap. He managed to compile come chopped up parts from a slaughtered Boeing 747, and came up with this yellow body. He got the seats from an old Toyota, and he made this helicopter fly through the use of a 133bhp Honda Civic engine.

Abdullahi works part-time servicing broken computers and mobile phones. He used the money he earned from this job to buy all the spare parts that he will need to build a helicopter. By the way, he reportedly built a helicopter because he found it easier to build than a car. (Okay, some of us are not even near considering building any of those two.) But this chopper is a success. Well, sort of like a successful prototype since Abdullahi is said to build an improved version. The basic controls of this helicopter include a joystick for steering, an accelerator lever for ascent and descent, and a small camera that is connected to a screen on a dashboard.

This creation noticeably lacks in air and altitude pressure measurement tools. Hence, Abdullahi promised to build a new model which will be a far cry from this one, a “radical improvement on the first one in terms of sophistication and aesthetics.”

Way to go dude. Some Civic fans are just about the excitement of enjoying these powerful engines, but you found a way to make it fly. Cool! *wink

Source: Motortorque

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Civic MUGEN Si Sedan

The well-appreciated MUGEN Sedan is back and better for 2008. This flagship of Civic cars will apply the same old magic to lure many people and get its pulse in the market going, but what about the new things it has in store for us? Civic enthusiasts are probably on the edge of their seats right now as it has been reported that this baby will be hitting sales by mid-October. So aside from that powered 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine that can ride 197 ponies at 7,800 rpm, what else is new with the 2008 MUGEN Si Sedan?

This exclusive, 2008 model will boast an impressive suspension system with “lightweight forged aluminum wheels”. The body kit has been enhanced aerodynamically so that drivers can enjoy the MUGEN experience without feeling the heaviness of a Sedan. With its sport-tuned exhaust system, this baby is really meant to be taken out to the streets. Buying it will mean that you cannot just keep it all shiny and pristine in your garage---it wants action. The 2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan wants a go-getter owner who seeks the classy companion of a Sedan. And that is what this Civic can give you---so if you don’t fit this line, then maybe you’ll just be better off with granny’s old wagon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The 2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si

Aside from recreating the Civics with the MUGEN batch, Honda has come up with something more. They will be launching the 2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si by mid-October in the market. What is more, is that this new Civic flagship will come in two fleets---the Si Sedan, and the Si Coupe. Brilliant, eh? So if you have tried to catch some speed with the first release of the MUGEN Si, then maybe you can better tell the difference between this one, and that. According to Honda, this will be an exclusive model, adding notable modifications to the suspensions, body kit and the exhaust system.

I have personally not gone near one yet, but I intend to. This is probably one way to get over my frustrations with the Civic Type RR---which I had not even sighted up close! Anyway, let’s give this new fleet of Si’s to come, and if by any chance you happen to come across one, tell me which is better: the Coupe or the Sedan? For after all, they basically carry the same power. It all just boils down to the handling I guess, and its purpose in the streets. So don’t be too edgy yet guys, we’ll know once Honda lets these babies out for public inspection.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Honda Civic Hybrid Ad Goes for the Win

The “funny” Honda Civic Hybrid TV advertisement has caused noise among its audience. It even opened a topic of debate about what idea Honda was trying to say: that the person who drives hybrids is always better than those who don’t, or that the people who drive hybrids are cleaning up the mess of those who don’t. Either way, I’d say that this advertisement is pretty effective. Not only was it able to at least give positive perceptions on driving green, but it also managed to capture some humor too. Therefore, I’m sure it scored some laughs or giggles among the viewers. This is a refreshing car advertisement. Contrary to conventional ones wherein it is about how fast or how powerful the car is---this one is very human. So if you haven’t spotted it yet, better search the web and get that nostalgic feeling for the “Odd Couple”.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Japan's Hottest, the Track-Only Civic Type-R

(Image courtesy of

This news will definitely rock Civic fans' socks off---Japan has revealed that they will be releasing a Track-Only Civic Type-R! I know, I know, don't get all jumpy. This picture is definitely far from the real thing, but hey, it helps a lot in creating the vision for your dreams tonight...

Kidding aside though, this limited edition Civic Type-R will be used in a new single-make racing series, and that this no-nonsense Type-R sedan will come available without the helical LSD, seats, seatbelts, steering wheel, interior trim, AV goodies and air conditioning---this according to a report by Since these hot rods do not come with these important gadgets, it can be purchased for a price that is 40 percent less than the original price. This means that when you want to buy this Civic special edition that is complete with all its gadgets, then you would have to pay an extra amount, of course. The leaked price from is 1,690,500 Yen, or about $14,769.15. so hold tight, if you want to get your hands on this baby, you will have to wait for Honda Japan's further news about shipping it to the coast. Otherwise, go on and talk to your Japanese friends and have them buy you one before it runs out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unbelievable Honda Civic Mugen RR Sales!

Due to the people's need to satisfy their clamor for the all-decked out 2008 Honda Civic Mugen RR, all 300 units were reportedly sold in just a matter of 10 minutes!

It takes about 10 minutes to wait for the next train to arrive. It takes about 10 minutes to make a perfect soft-boiled egg. 10 minutes will do in order for a girl to complete her make-up, and 10 minutes, to save one life. But 10 minutes to sell out 300 car units??? Unbelievable! While I'm not totally certain if this kind of sales record has happened to any other car before or not, this still made my eyeballs pop out. (Yeah, and i had to pick them off the floor to put them back on =P) Heard of the term, “selling like pancakes”? Well, a car unit is a far cry from pancakes, but nevertheless, the 2008 Honda Civic Mugen RR is selling like pancakes!

This record happened in Japan, and the Mugen RR costs about 4.7 million Yen. The hype of this car has brought about a lot of speculations as to whether or not they will be sold worldwide too. As of now, it is faring greatly in Japan, let's just find out how it will do in the other countries. But it will not be so hard to expect the same thing since the Mugen RR is the most powerful sports coupe that Honda produced. Review my recent posts about the Honda Civic Mugen RR about it and you'll see just why. This is yet another testament to how great it is to live the Honda Civic Life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Honda Civic Hybrid is Germany's Greenest

For the second time in a row, the Honda Civic Hybrid has once again gained triumph in claiming Germany's title as the most ecological car by the renowned Verkehrsclub Deutschland in its Environmental Car Ratings for 2007-2008. (Note: the VCD is a major transport and environment organization in Germany) VCD wanted to choose the quietest vehicles with the lowest fuel consumption and lowest level of emissions. As expected, the Honda Civic Hybrid was well-able to meet all these requirements, delivering environmental compatibility and a comfortable driving. The Civic Hybrid was also noted for its quietness on the road, which all the more justified the organization's recognition.

In the previous recognition, the Honda Civic Hybrid was able to best 350 contenders for this title, and it has also been named as the best car in the compact class. According to Honda, the Civic Hybrid is their latest embodiment for long-term commitment to the development of environmentally friendly technologies that are also fun to drive.

So once again, the Civic did it, and was able to come out gracefully on top.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Honda VTEC System-III

But for most automobile drivers, the VTEC system is actually the best device in the automobile market that helps the valve timing and camshafts do their job at the most efficient ways and speeds possible.

Aside from the actual performance of the Honda's VTEC System, people who own the unique system that their Honda cars have, actually pride themselves on the sound of their beautiful engine system. Yes, which is why a Honda Civic sounds so smooth. When switching to the different camshafts the Honda VTEC system actually makes the engine sound like its singing.

No matter which unique feature about the Honda VTEC System that you love, though, chances are that you'll be purchasing one the next time you go hunting for a Honda produced automobile.

All in all, the Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control technology that Honda offers to its automobile owners is an increase in technology for the auto industry and it is a favorite among car professionals today, no doubt about it.

(Reference: Car

Friday, July 27, 2007

The Honda VTEC System-II

There are more ways to appreciate the VTEC System, all you have to do is to just understand what the variable valve timing is used for in a regular automobile. The end goal of the Honda VTEC System is used for allowing an appropriate mixture of air and fuel mixture intake to enter into the cylinder. In this way, the engine and the car will experience increased fuel efficiency and speed performance.

This is the main reason for the opening and closing of the valve at different engine speeds. But because the Honda VTEC System contains a Variable Valve Timing system that allows the valve to be opened and closed at the correct positioning and timing---one will actually be driving on a Honda engine that has an increased performance. Hence, the unquestionable performance of the Honda Civic.

Other companies, not wanting to be left out, have wanted to make similar devices to the Honda VTEC system. They are contemplating and trying to produce an infinite variable timing valve system. This type of device would prove to be even more difficult than the Honda VTEC System.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Team Halfords Honda Civic is on fire!

“The little Honda Civic is going really well now and let's hope it continues for the rest of the season,” is what Gordon Shedden has to say about his prize baby in the Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship season at Donington Park. I have posted an update regarding this race before but with a different leg, and the same news persisted---Team Halford's Honda Civic is on fire.

They managed to secure a second win, with Shedden making the most of pole position to take victory in challenging conditions in the opening race over the weekends. Although he lost out to the fast starting BMW of Mat Jackson at the start, Shedden was quickly able to reclaim the lead before the end of lap one and controlled the race from the front---surviving two Safety Car periods to clinch his second win of the season.

"The conditions today have been terrible,” he said in an interview. “In fact, the third race was the worst conditions I've ever raced in, bar none. To convert pole into a win in the first race was great and to get second in race two with full ballast was almost as good! The main goal in race three was to finish, as finishing all three races is something I haven't done this year which has hurt me in the points. I was a bit cautious as the start to make sure I didn't get taken off but came back through for a good points haul, I'll go home quite happy with what I've got this weekend.”

Stand by for more interesting updates about our team---the Honda Civic Team! Way to go guys! *wink

Friday, July 20, 2007

Honda Civic NVG Stars in SoPas Clean-Air Car Show

South Pasadena will be holding a Clean-Air Car Show, and it will proudly showcase a mighty advocate of Air Care---the Honda Civic Natural Gas vehicle. The event will be held on Sunday, July 22, at the City which has been popular for being a role model city with all of its advocacies for a cleaner environment. While many of the vehicles present will be powered by next generation technology not sold to the public, commercially available vehicles will also be exhibited. The exhibit will also feature the fuel-cell powered Honda FCHX2.

But the day will not only be about these innovative cars, as they will also have a film-showing of the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car” and Al Gore's “An Inconvenient Truth” at the Rialto Theater, as well as seminars on global warming, the harmful effect of vehicle emissions, tax incentives for alternative fuel and mass-transit options. Such great efforts have been made by a community of caring people, and Honda. Will it hurt to join this motion, and live the wonderful Honda Civic Life.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fall Out Boy Defends Honda Amidst Issues of Being a Sell-out

The band Fall Out Boy has shrugged off issues and criticisms which says that the band is becoming a sell-out. This is due to their current US tour, the Honda Civic Tour which is of course, sponsored by Honda. Bassist and spokesman Pete Wentz insists that the only to pass on affordable tickets to fans is to get corporate sponsorship.

We're really excited to be part of this Honda Civic Tour. It's all about helping the environment---nobody's flying, and there's recycling at all the venues. They even let us design our own Honda Hybrid,” he said in an interview with Blender magazine. He also went on to point out that a tour this size could be better off funded by a corporation. “People call it selling out, but that's how we can keep our ticket prices low. The Rolling Stones can charge $200 because their fans are 45 years old. It's a little harder when your fans are scraping together allowance money,” he concluded.

So for all you insecure fools out there, stop making them Fall Out Boys look bad, because at this age in the rock scene, 'tis good to know somebody still cares. But what's more, is that they believe that living the Honda Civic Life ain't bad either.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Face Off: Type R UK VS Type RR Japan!

Alright ladies and gentlemen, this is it. Which Honda Civic Type R should we spend our money with? (Let us assume that we are in the middle ground here, let us set aside the fact of which vehicle will be able to reach the shores of the Statue of Liberty.) We have all been presented with two lovely choices: The Hot Hatchback Type R of UK, and the Mugen Type RR of Japan.

Oh who am I kidding. It is obvious that the latter will be more preferred over the former because it is the upgraded version. But it would not hurt to compare them a little, just so you guys can have it all here in one page. So here it is, Type R UK, and the Type RR Japan.


While many have been whining about the return of the well-loved Honda Civic Type R, Honda UK was busy beautifying its precious gem already. Hence, they came up with the obvious way to give the Civic range a sporty, trendy appeal. The 200bhp chain-cam six-speed baby is a full 20bhp more than the SEAT Leon 20VT without the benefit of a turbo, and 28bhp more than the ClioSport 172, and a massive 50bhp more than the current VW Golf GTi 1.8T. Whew!


Okay, now the anticipation for this one was even worse. If Type-R fans waited for the comeback of Type-R while biting their nails, the people actually bit off their fingers for a glimpse of this feisty hot rod. (It is just too bad, really, that it is only available in Japan, whereas Type-R UK has already reached Australia.) The Mugen badge all the more explained how upgraded this is---to hot too handle. The heart of the Type RR is Honda's terrific DOHC 2.0-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder. The engine is mated to a six-speed manual gearbox and produces 240 horsepower and 161 pound-feet of torque.


Hell, who am I to judge between two goddesses of beauty and skill? I am just a humble messenger, so feel free to make the decision for yourself.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Honda Civic Inspires Students

What a fantastic school! The McLain High School Aerospace Applied Science program has had their students brainstorming and then eventually working on an electronic car that could save us all from the burden of gas price hike! Amazing. We should have done this ages ago instead of prioritizing American Idol probables. (sorry, incoherent mumbling)

Our students are right in the middle of this technology, that's where I wanted to put them,” said aerospace teacher Jim Smith in an interview with KOTV. “I wanted to find something that had relevance to them and something that would enrich their lives.”

And guess what? They were looking for ideas that will “take the students into the future, and the Honda Civic could be it.” My, my. Impressive, really. For choosing the Honda Civic, and of course, for caring about these students that much.

Also, according to the report, a team of students led by Dondale Frazier has managed to convert an old Honda to a solar powered electric car last year.

A really pleasant news. I wish everybody could just see how great it is to live the Honda Civic Life. Because if they did, you should too.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Honda Civic Takes on the Russia Rally at the IRC!

Team Honda Civic Type R JAS Motorsport will be readying itself for the Russia Rally: Intercontinental Rally Challenge. The Rally Russia will get underway with a ceremonial start in the historic city of St Petersburg on Thursday 12 July at 19h30, before the real action starts at 09h23 on Friday with the first of 11 special stages, totaling 151 competitive kilometers. The final podium is on Saturday at 14h30.

William De Braekeleer, Honda's head of motorsport said, "Rally Russia will certainly be a big challenge for us, as it is sure to be for everybody. We are on the right track in terms of development: now we have to keep concentrated and maximize every opportunity to improve the car, which has shown promising pace so far."

So brace yourselves Honda fans, and make sure to root for the right team. (yeah! Way to go Civic Type R!)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Generations of the Civic

Let me be honest, I've been a car fan, a Honda Civic car fan for that matter, for only 5 years now. So naturally I haven't really been acquainted to the earlier Civic models. So if you're like me, fret not...

Presenting the 8 generations of the Honda Civic

Generation 1


Generation 2


Generation 3


Generation 4


Generation 5


Generation 6


Generation 7


Generation 8


Okay there you go, the eight generations of the Honda Civic. I'm sure you've probably seen the earlier models but you just don't recall what year it was. Anyways, a lot innovations have transpired throughout the years and I guess its safe to say that there's more to look forward to in the coming years.