Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pimped Out Honda Civics

Honda Civic is probably one of the most flexible cars of all time. This means that they can be easily modified in case it begins to feel boring. Just go out in the streets and you’ll get what I mean. They usually prefer re-doing a 1990’s generation of a Honda Civic, as is with the cars used in The Fast and the Furious. It’s pretty simple actually. All you have to do is upgrade the engine with a mean machine. Customize the body paint with a real nice chrome glaze, or a frantic-patterned paint. Then, remove the old doors and hook it up with some suicide or gull-wing doors. The next thing you know, this Civic will be preferred over the latest 2008 model.

Take this pimped-out Civic in the famous auto show Pimp My Ride. Radical changes were made to make the owner happier, and to better enjoy the classic Civic.

But with this one, called the ElecTrick, all you will need is a PSP and you can drive away. What a way to pimp out your Civic right? Aside of course from all the physical changes, what’s really impressive about this car is that it can be controlled by a PSP. Just like a remote-controlled car. Pretty cool huh? Nice work Metra Electronics.