Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Street Racing Legacy

Honda is one name that always breezes through the streets. We know this, because their street racing legacy is evident everywhere. Even with its original production motorcycles, their reputation is directly associated with superior racing quality. If you will see in Honda’s history, shortly six years after Honda Motor Co. was founded, the Honda Racing Corporation or HRC was established. It was the year 1954, and the Japanese auto industry is catching up with the European technology. Honda, being a neophyte in this arena, impressed everyone with their high-performing engines and motorcycles. You can just picture this achievement through their 5 cylinder 125cc bike that can turn 22,000 rpm!

Ten years after HRC was established, Honda joined the Formula One racing challenge. They drew a bigger racing crowd this time, but their partnership with Mugen lingered tightly. Up to this day, their racing prowess is evident in the latest models of the Civic, Honda’s most acclaimed car for street racing. Remember the film Fast and the Furious right? They all drove Honda Civics with decked out engines. This reflects Honda’s adaptability to gearing up on the fast lane.

So don’t be surprised if Honda will take on the world of fast cars pretty soon. After all, they can.