Thursday, September 27, 2007

Japan's Hottest, the Track-Only Civic Type-R

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This news will definitely rock Civic fans' socks off---Japan has revealed that they will be releasing a Track-Only Civic Type-R! I know, I know, don't get all jumpy. This picture is definitely far from the real thing, but hey, it helps a lot in creating the vision for your dreams tonight...

Kidding aside though, this limited edition Civic Type-R will be used in a new single-make racing series, and that this no-nonsense Type-R sedan will come available without the helical LSD, seats, seatbelts, steering wheel, interior trim, AV goodies and air conditioning---this according to a report by Since these hot rods do not come with these important gadgets, it can be purchased for a price that is 40 percent less than the original price. This means that when you want to buy this Civic special edition that is complete with all its gadgets, then you would have to pay an extra amount, of course. The leaked price from is 1,690,500 Yen, or about $14,769.15. so hold tight, if you want to get your hands on this baby, you will have to wait for Honda Japan's further news about shipping it to the coast. Otherwise, go on and talk to your Japanese friends and have them buy you one before it runs out.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Unbelievable Honda Civic Mugen RR Sales!

Due to the people's need to satisfy their clamor for the all-decked out 2008 Honda Civic Mugen RR, all 300 units were reportedly sold in just a matter of 10 minutes!

It takes about 10 minutes to wait for the next train to arrive. It takes about 10 minutes to make a perfect soft-boiled egg. 10 minutes will do in order for a girl to complete her make-up, and 10 minutes, to save one life. But 10 minutes to sell out 300 car units??? Unbelievable! While I'm not totally certain if this kind of sales record has happened to any other car before or not, this still made my eyeballs pop out. (Yeah, and i had to pick them off the floor to put them back on =P) Heard of the term, “selling like pancakes”? Well, a car unit is a far cry from pancakes, but nevertheless, the 2008 Honda Civic Mugen RR is selling like pancakes!

This record happened in Japan, and the Mugen RR costs about 4.7 million Yen. The hype of this car has brought about a lot of speculations as to whether or not they will be sold worldwide too. As of now, it is faring greatly in Japan, let's just find out how it will do in the other countries. But it will not be so hard to expect the same thing since the Mugen RR is the most powerful sports coupe that Honda produced. Review my recent posts about the Honda Civic Mugen RR about it and you'll see just why. This is yet another testament to how great it is to live the Honda Civic Life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Honda Civic Hybrid is Germany's Greenest

For the second time in a row, the Honda Civic Hybrid has once again gained triumph in claiming Germany's title as the most ecological car by the renowned Verkehrsclub Deutschland in its Environmental Car Ratings for 2007-2008. (Note: the VCD is a major transport and environment organization in Germany) VCD wanted to choose the quietest vehicles with the lowest fuel consumption and lowest level of emissions. As expected, the Honda Civic Hybrid was well-able to meet all these requirements, delivering environmental compatibility and a comfortable driving. The Civic Hybrid was also noted for its quietness on the road, which all the more justified the organization's recognition.

In the previous recognition, the Honda Civic Hybrid was able to best 350 contenders for this title, and it has also been named as the best car in the compact class. According to Honda, the Civic Hybrid is their latest embodiment for long-term commitment to the development of environmentally friendly technologies that are also fun to drive.

So once again, the Civic did it, and was able to come out gracefully on top.