Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rally Civic Hybrid Wows Glyn Memorial Stage Rally Spectators

After learning about the Rally Type-R R3’s debut, the Civic Hybrid Rally is not one to be left behind. In fact, it made an impressive debut recently at the Glyn Memorial Stage Rally, which was held at the Anglesey Circuit complex, North of Wales. The Oaktec Team is responsible for the petrol electric powered Civic Hybrid Rally. Suffice to say, they are like proud parents when their baby pulled a really impressive performance for the two-day rally, which has 14 “special stages”. Unfortunately, the weather was bad during that time, but the Civic Hybrid Rally pulled through.

According to a release by Oaktec team, the Civic Hybrid Rally placed 48th over 88 in the overall category, and it even got the 6th spot over 13 cars in the modified 1400cc class. This all the more highlighted the environment-friendly Honda IMA technology. The car is said to be on display at the “Future of Motorsport” stand in London on December 8 to 9.

This is really good news for those who doubt the power of the Civic Hybrid. This will make you say, hey, a car with low emissions and striking power, I’d want that!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Track-only Civic Type-R Debuts at the GB

The hyped up Honda Civic Type-R Rally will be making its debut at the Wales Rally Great Britain this week. The Wales Rally is the final round for the much-coveted 2007 World Rally Championship.

Dani Sola, former Junior World Champion, will be the pilot of the Civic Type-R R3’s cockpit in Great Britain. Sola is no stranger to the Rally Type-R, as he already tried the roads of the asphalt World Championship debut on the Catalunya Rally in Spain last October. In fact, Sola even bagged the R3 class over the other well-established competitors. Very recently, the Type-R finished an impressive fifth place overall in the Rallye du Valais in Switzerland, but the gravel road of the GB will be a new trying ground for the Type-R. Developed by JAS Motorsports, the R3 Type-R was able to comply with the new FIA rally regulations. Hence, the car uses a two-liter Honda Mugen engine, and is driven by two-wheels only.

“Great Britain is one of my favorite gravel events because the stages really reward commitment. However, we are not underestimating the challenge ahead of us. As a team, we haven’t competed on gravel since July---and this new R3 car has never competed on gravel at all. Our mission will be to get the car to the finish and try to prove that we can be as competitive on gravel as we are on asphalt.” ---> well, it looks like Sola is all positive about the race, so let’s just watch out as it starts this Friday, ending on Sunday.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Civic Hybrid, or Civic Type-R?

This question is like an argument that will totally rip you apart. On the one hand, you can opt to go for cleaner emissions, which means that you will be able to help the environment and help other people. On the other hand though…Well, I am not saying that power leads to harmful emissions. But the thing is, this power requires sacrifice too…Its superior internal combustion engine burns fuel that may emit some nitrogen oxides. So, which will it be?

Allow me to help you make a decision by leaving out each car’s key features.

Every motorist is practically riding along the Green Bandwagon. (Which is not a bad thing, mind you.) Honda was able to release a pretty good contender to the Prius. The Honda Civic Hybrid’s 1300cc 8-valve i-VTEC petrol motor is linked to an electric motor, thus giving birth to a partnership that is known as the Integrated Motor Assist or IMA. This might not seem to be too thrilling to some, but its power is enough for you to keep pace with the speeding cars on the freeway.

Ah, the Civic Type-R. If you have read my previous blogpost, you will know the wonders that the limited edition Civic Type-RR did---selling a total of 300 units in just 10 minutes! Its mother model, the Type-R, is a tad short of one R but it is just as mighty on the road. Its 2000cc petrol engine can reach 8000 rpm, and is 30 kilos lighter. Just imagine all the dust that the other cars will be eating when you rev this baby up.

Which one do I choose? I’m not gonna be a hypocrite now and choose the Hybrid just because it helps the environment. I choose the Civic Type-R, not just for its power, but more importantly, because it shows how the Civic has evolved. What about you?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Honda Team welcomes Chilton for BTCC

After the victory of the Team Halfords Honda Civic at this year’s BTCC, Team Dynamics Honda is ready to go for another winning round at next year’s tourney. This time though, one new driver will be stepping on the Honda gas pad to best other drivers---Tom Chilton. He may be young, but this 22-year-old Britain-based boy is The Man when it comes to racing. He will be replacing two-time series champion Matt Neal in the driver’s seat, since it was more like they traded places. Neal will now be seated at Chilton’s Vauxhall car for the 2008 BTCC. Together with veteran champion Gordon “Flash” Shedden, Chilton will try out how it feels to fly with decked out Honda Civics.

Although Chilton is already a six-time race-winner, he will still be starting on the back foot since he only gained the ninth place last year, and he also has a new car to learn. The Flash Shedden will be spearheading the race. This little technicality did not bother Chilton though, as his hopes are high for the race. “This will be my seventh year in the BTCC, I've won races before and shown I can run at the front and now want to win the title. This is my chance to do that,” Chilton said in an interview by Eurosport.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Honda Ireland Reaches 4,000 Milestone

Honda Ireland has shown an impressive growth since the year 2003, and this greatly reflects in their sales too, according to the company. Reportedly, their sales have gone beyond the 4,000 mark by the end of the month of October, making the company reach a milestone in the industry. This equates to a 13 percent increase compared to the same period in 2006. The year 2007 is yet the best that Honda Ireland has seen since its establishment in 1985, based on the company’s over-all performance and sales results.

The Japan-established company expects its worldwide sales to reach at least a ten percent increase for the whole duration of 2007. After the company’s Ireland arm showed great enthusiasm to reach this goal, the company expects a 19 percent increase in their European sales.

“The development of Honda's critically acclaimed diesel engine and more recently the innovative introduction of 'Hybrid' technology in the Civic 4 door range are key to the brand's success in Europe and consequently in the Irish market over the coming years,” Frank Kennedy, Sales and Marketing Director of Universal Honda said in an interview by Galway Independent. “The key to achieving this sharp increase in sales is in the development of some new products equipped with innovative environmentally friendly technology. The introduction of more 'hybrid' powered cars in 2009 along with the introduction of products equipped with Honda's new Idec Clean Diesel engine will not only influence our sales growth but also help to reduce the Honda carbon footprint in our market and realize the corporate aspiration of achieving average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 140gm/km by 2009.”

Friday, November 16, 2007

Limited Edition 2008 Mugen Honda Civic Si paralyzed in dealer's open lot

I posted earlier that Honda Civic topped the list as the most stolen car---which is not good news at all. Today’s news is a little bit different. The car has been robbed of its parts, rendering it to be unavailable for interested buyers. What’s worse though, limited edition Mugen Honda Civics are not always easy to get. So when this Honda dealer saw what happened to one of their exclusives, they learned a very valuable lesson: do not leave a precious Civic out in an open lot.

There are only 1,000 units of the 2008 Mugen Civic Si that reached stateside. With the report from Autoblog though, it looks like we are short of one. A very eager thief just couldn’t wait to get his hands on this baby, which was why he “smashed a window, took the wheels, seats, badges, and shift knob among other miscellaneous items” according to Autoblog. He will probably sell it to his gang of dreamers who don’t have the chance to experience the power of this Honda. It was such a disturbing sight, seeing this blue Civic Mugen standing on its front rotors and two jackstands. What will make of this poor baby now? Those nasty “businessmen” really need to learn their lesson immediately. In the meantime, for all of you who are lucky enough to drive this Mugen Si, you now know that the hounds are out to get you. Be careful, and avoid parking in dimly-lit open lots. As for the thieves, we all hope that you’ll get run over by a bulldozer. (Source: Autoblog)

Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle is Here

Honda unveiled the production model of its FCX Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle concept at the Los Angeles International auto show. Along with the surprise came the announcement that the company will be releasing limited units to the market by summer of 2008. Although critics were not too fond of how the Clarity turned out to look like, I think that Honda made a pretty good design. It is kind of reminiscent to the new Accord models, except that its emissions are cleaner. Let me rephrase that---it has zero emissions.

This “next-generation, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle” is reportedly based on an entirely new Honda V Flow fuel cell platform. It uses the Honda V Flow fuel cell stack so that it could generate the power that the car needs. This is a good glimpse at how Honda will be producing their next fleet of vehicles---more powerful, and yet less harmful. Personally, I think that this is the trend that every other carmaker must follow. Trough developing the use of lithium ion battery packs and a hydrogen storage tank, Honda is now able to put power into the Clarity’s electric motor. Now that, is automotive innovation.

We hope that the Clarity fares well in the market. If they do, it only means that the people are now ready to drive with zero emissions.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Nice Honda Civic Wheels

Honda Civic is a pretty nice car to pimp out. It is easy to customize because its body is versatile with its unique contours---be it a hatchback or a sedan---just add some glittering wheels and they will be ready. Underneath the hood, the Civic bears its weapon: the VTEC engine. But enough about a Honda Civic’s performance, we already know that it is supreme in its class. It is now time to feature some really good Civic wheels. They may be not directly from Honda, but these knock-out wheels really know how to jazz up a Civic. Check out some pics.

The wheels of the Honda Civic are really important. These are the car parts that actually bear the body of the car. Whether they may be made of chrome or just spray-painted (oh dear gods don’t do that), they immediately bring glitz to the car. Btu they are important, for they serve as the framework (ironic word to use for something round) of the tires. They make it possible for a car to traverse along rocky and bumpy roads. So even if you spice up your wheels to the max, it will still be useless without the right care and maintenance. And that, is the closest way to get some really nice Honda Civic Wheels.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Honda Goes Greener for 2008

Cars are major contributors to pollution. In a world where the luxury of transportation has become a necessity, building more cars seem to be a good idea. But, since they have been known for harming the environment, people can’t chose between conveniences over nature. So, carmakers began creating feasible solutions to help eradicate this problem. This is why the creation of Hybrid vehicles seemed to be the most important breakthrough in the automotive industry... Because it really is.

Honda has long been in the frontier of this advocacy. It is no surprise therefore that their “green” hybrid cars fared well in the market, just like the Honda Civic Hybrid and GX. But for 2008, American Honda Motor Co. has a new strategy: double the green.

According to reliable’s report, the Japan-established carmaker has undertook a “series of new green building initiatives as part of a leading effort to further reduce the environmental impact of Honda’s operations and products.” Under this initiative, their arm of luxury vehicles, Acura, is also included in the game plan. They focus basically on developing four areas: Home Heating Cogeneration Product, Natural Gas Home Refueling Appliance, Honda Solar Cells, and their Automobiles.

Source: Reliable Plant

Thursday, November 8, 2007

The 100,000th car of Honda Pegoh, a Civic

Honda has conquered the world. You can just imagine this when you realize that Honda Malaysia has rolled out their 100,000th car off the production line. And guess what, that car just happened to be an eighth generation Honda Civic!

The company has been known for producing models like the CR-V, Honda Accord, Honda Civic, and the Honda City. They also craft high-quality constant velocity joint (CVJ) for the export market. Their CVJ shipment has reached its one millionth mark, along with the release of the one hundredth car. This Pegoh plant in Alor Gajah is said to produce 25,000 units per year.

Congratulations Honda Malaysia, and say hello to the streets you lucky Honda Civic.

Source: The Edge Daily

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gas Price Rollback Perfect for the Honda Civic GX

The demand for Natural gas-driven vehicles is on a high. As people suffer from wars that sprout from oil monopoly, the insistent gas price hikes are added salts to the injury. But, the auto industry is not one to just sit back and let things happen. Hence, the creation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-fueled vehicles happened.

In Utah, a price rollback was implemented at the start of the month, giving the usual 73.6 cents a slide, so now it is 63.9 cents. This significant number of decrease is translated clearly by the Deseret News’ story: “That means the Honda Civic GX---the only new vehicle on the market in Utah that is designed to run on natural gas and rated at 39 miles per gallon---would have a per-mile fuel cost of 1.6 cents, compared to 7.7 cents if the same vehicle used gasoline costing $3 per gallon.”

This rollback will be felt more by car owners who run on CNG vehicles. While CNG is often run on business vehicles and not private ones, the effect is better. Number one, consuming CNG leads to getting the best in fuel economy. This has already been proven, especially when compared to those gas-hungry muscle cars. Also, the emissions are cleaner with CNG. No need to worry about polluting the air.

With this rollback, we now conclude that good things really happen to good people.

Source: Deseret News