Friday, November 9, 2007

Honda Goes Greener for 2008

Cars are major contributors to pollution. In a world where the luxury of transportation has become a necessity, building more cars seem to be a good idea. But, since they have been known for harming the environment, people can’t chose between conveniences over nature. So, carmakers began creating feasible solutions to help eradicate this problem. This is why the creation of Hybrid vehicles seemed to be the most important breakthrough in the automotive industry... Because it really is.

Honda has long been in the frontier of this advocacy. It is no surprise therefore that their “green” hybrid cars fared well in the market, just like the Honda Civic Hybrid and GX. But for 2008, American Honda Motor Co. has a new strategy: double the green.

According to reliable’s report, the Japan-established carmaker has undertook a “series of new green building initiatives as part of a leading effort to further reduce the environmental impact of Honda’s operations and products.” Under this initiative, their arm of luxury vehicles, Acura, is also included in the game plan. They focus basically on developing four areas: Home Heating Cogeneration Product, Natural Gas Home Refueling Appliance, Honda Solar Cells, and their Automobiles.

Source: Reliable Plant