Friday, November 23, 2007

Civic Hybrid, or Civic Type-R?

This question is like an argument that will totally rip you apart. On the one hand, you can opt to go for cleaner emissions, which means that you will be able to help the environment and help other people. On the other hand though…Well, I am not saying that power leads to harmful emissions. But the thing is, this power requires sacrifice too…Its superior internal combustion engine burns fuel that may emit some nitrogen oxides. So, which will it be?

Allow me to help you make a decision by leaving out each car’s key features.

Every motorist is practically riding along the Green Bandwagon. (Which is not a bad thing, mind you.) Honda was able to release a pretty good contender to the Prius. The Honda Civic Hybrid’s 1300cc 8-valve i-VTEC petrol motor is linked to an electric motor, thus giving birth to a partnership that is known as the Integrated Motor Assist or IMA. This might not seem to be too thrilling to some, but its power is enough for you to keep pace with the speeding cars on the freeway.

Ah, the Civic Type-R. If you have read my previous blogpost, you will know the wonders that the limited edition Civic Type-RR did---selling a total of 300 units in just 10 minutes! Its mother model, the Type-R, is a tad short of one R but it is just as mighty on the road. Its 2000cc petrol engine can reach 8000 rpm, and is 30 kilos lighter. Just imagine all the dust that the other cars will be eating when you rev this baby up.

Which one do I choose? I’m not gonna be a hypocrite now and choose the Hybrid just because it helps the environment. I choose the Civic Type-R, not just for its power, but more importantly, because it shows how the Civic has evolved. What about you?