Thursday, November 22, 2007

Honda Team welcomes Chilton for BTCC

After the victory of the Team Halfords Honda Civic at this year’s BTCC, Team Dynamics Honda is ready to go for another winning round at next year’s tourney. This time though, one new driver will be stepping on the Honda gas pad to best other drivers---Tom Chilton. He may be young, but this 22-year-old Britain-based boy is The Man when it comes to racing. He will be replacing two-time series champion Matt Neal in the driver’s seat, since it was more like they traded places. Neal will now be seated at Chilton’s Vauxhall car for the 2008 BTCC. Together with veteran champion Gordon “Flash” Shedden, Chilton will try out how it feels to fly with decked out Honda Civics.

Although Chilton is already a six-time race-winner, he will still be starting on the back foot since he only gained the ninth place last year, and he also has a new car to learn. The Flash Shedden will be spearheading the race. This little technicality did not bother Chilton though, as his hopes are high for the race. “This will be my seventh year in the BTCC, I've won races before and shown I can run at the front and now want to win the title. This is my chance to do that,” Chilton said in an interview by Eurosport.