Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Honda FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Vehicle is Here

Honda unveiled the production model of its FCX Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle concept at the Los Angeles International auto show. Along with the surprise came the announcement that the company will be releasing limited units to the market by summer of 2008. Although critics were not too fond of how the Clarity turned out to look like, I think that Honda made a pretty good design. It is kind of reminiscent to the new Accord models, except that its emissions are cleaner. Let me rephrase that---it has zero emissions.

This “next-generation, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle” is reportedly based on an entirely new Honda V Flow fuel cell platform. It uses the Honda V Flow fuel cell stack so that it could generate the power that the car needs. This is a good glimpse at how Honda will be producing their next fleet of vehicles---more powerful, and yet less harmful. Personally, I think that this is the trend that every other carmaker must follow. Trough developing the use of lithium ion battery packs and a hydrogen storage tank, Honda is now able to put power into the Clarity’s electric motor. Now that, is automotive innovation.

We hope that the Clarity fares well in the market. If they do, it only means that the people are now ready to drive with zero emissions.