Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pimped Out Honda Civics

Honda Civic is probably one of the most flexible cars of all time. This means that they can be easily modified in case it begins to feel boring. Just go out in the streets and you’ll get what I mean. They usually prefer re-doing a 1990’s generation of a Honda Civic, as is with the cars used in The Fast and the Furious. It’s pretty simple actually. All you have to do is upgrade the engine with a mean machine. Customize the body paint with a real nice chrome glaze, or a frantic-patterned paint. Then, remove the old doors and hook it up with some suicide or gull-wing doors. The next thing you know, this Civic will be preferred over the latest 2008 model.

Take this pimped-out Civic in the famous auto show Pimp My Ride. Radical changes were made to make the owner happier, and to better enjoy the classic Civic.

But with this one, called the ElecTrick, all you will need is a PSP and you can drive away. What a way to pimp out your Civic right? Aside of course from all the physical changes, what’s really impressive about this car is that it can be controlled by a PSP. Just like a remote-controlled car. Pretty cool huh? Nice work Metra Electronics.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Street Racing Legacy

Honda is one name that always breezes through the streets. We know this, because their street racing legacy is evident everywhere. Even with its original production motorcycles, their reputation is directly associated with superior racing quality. If you will see in Honda’s history, shortly six years after Honda Motor Co. was founded, the Honda Racing Corporation or HRC was established. It was the year 1954, and the Japanese auto industry is catching up with the European technology. Honda, being a neophyte in this arena, impressed everyone with their high-performing engines and motorcycles. You can just picture this achievement through their 5 cylinder 125cc bike that can turn 22,000 rpm!

Ten years after HRC was established, Honda joined the Formula One racing challenge. They drew a bigger racing crowd this time, but their partnership with Mugen lingered tightly. Up to this day, their racing prowess is evident in the latest models of the Civic, Honda’s most acclaimed car for street racing. Remember the film Fast and the Furious right? They all drove Honda Civics with decked out engines. This reflects Honda’s adaptability to gearing up on the fast lane.

So don’t be surprised if Honda will take on the world of fast cars pretty soon. After all, they can.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweet Honda Lovin’

Taking good care of your Honda is easy---keeping it at its best is another story. After all, your Honda is not high-maintenance. Its parts are all made and built to last every durability test, and function with great performance. I’m not just crapping in my chair here, I really do know for a fact that Hondas can outlive other cars. Even those that is Europe-based. Just take a look at the life of a Honda Civic. The many generations that it has seen are enough to qualify it as a car that really shows good Japanese carmaking.

Nevertheless, taking care of your Honda must still be observed. This can be accomplished by doing few, easy steps. Topping all of them, is the periodic (but regular) tune-up of the Honda. When it comes to the Honda’s “doctor’s check-up”, make sure that all the works are done. For instance, changing of the oils, the air filter, checking the brake pads for signs of wear, and the radiator are the constant things that must be done in tune-ups. Specific car systems that need to be checked include the ignition, cooling, exhaust, and the brakes. Making sure that all components of these systems are working will leave your Honda performing its best until (or even after) the next tune-up.

What’s new? Nothing I said above is new, because every car owner already knows this. But what every Honda lover must mind, is that Hondas must be kept on the road too. Do not let it bore in the garage and flaunt it off with sweet Honda pride.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan Available at $29,500

American Honda Motor Co. announced that it will be selling the limited production MUGEN Si Sedan. The suggested retail price is $29,500, but the destination and handling charges is not yet included.

This special track-tuned Civic is all powered by its powertrain, cracking 197 horsepower. Complete with rear spoilers and sports grille, this Sedan is one of the most sought after power rides. So if you want to get your hands on one, you better be ready to shell out over 30 grand. This price, after all, is very reasonable for a genius package.

Source: Autospectator

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honda Civic Type R Variant Goes Stateside

There is a big possibility that the much coveted Honda Civic Type R will be offered in a diesel variant---to the US. While Honda Civic diesel engines are a new thing, you may be surprised to know that Civics usually come with a 2.2L diesel engine. This is common to other auto markets. This 2.2L diesel engine is said to make 140 ponies run under the hood. However, Civic contemporaries are a far cry to this. The VW Golf, Toyota Aurius, and Renault Megane are pretty strong with their diesel engines making 170 horsepower.

Hence, rumor has it that Honda will be implementing the CTDi Accord engine into the Civic Type R. This powertrain will guarantee 180 horsepower and 315 lbs-ft of torque. This will definitely tickle every Civic fan’s fancy. Boosting the Type R this fresh new way in North America will probably mean more sales. But more so, Honda will attain an image of being revolutionary. Not just with its engines, but also with its plans for future Honda Civics.

Source: Mobile Mag

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A Flying Honda Civic Engine

In Nigeria, Physics major Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi successfully created his own flying helicopter out of metal scrap. He managed to compile come chopped up parts from a slaughtered Boeing 747, and came up with this yellow body. He got the seats from an old Toyota, and he made this helicopter fly through the use of a 133bhp Honda Civic engine.

Abdullahi works part-time servicing broken computers and mobile phones. He used the money he earned from this job to buy all the spare parts that he will need to build a helicopter. By the way, he reportedly built a helicopter because he found it easier to build than a car. (Okay, some of us are not even near considering building any of those two.) But this chopper is a success. Well, sort of like a successful prototype since Abdullahi is said to build an improved version. The basic controls of this helicopter include a joystick for steering, an accelerator lever for ascent and descent, and a small camera that is connected to a screen on a dashboard.

This creation noticeably lacks in air and altitude pressure measurement tools. Hence, Abdullahi promised to build a new model which will be a far cry from this one, a “radical improvement on the first one in terms of sophistication and aesthetics.”

Way to go dude. Some Civic fans are just about the excitement of enjoying these powerful engines, but you found a way to make it fly. Cool! *wink

Source: Motortorque

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Civic MUGEN Si Sedan

The well-appreciated MUGEN Sedan is back and better for 2008. This flagship of Civic cars will apply the same old magic to lure many people and get its pulse in the market going, but what about the new things it has in store for us? Civic enthusiasts are probably on the edge of their seats right now as it has been reported that this baby will be hitting sales by mid-October. So aside from that powered 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine that can ride 197 ponies at 7,800 rpm, what else is new with the 2008 MUGEN Si Sedan?

This exclusive, 2008 model will boast an impressive suspension system with “lightweight forged aluminum wheels”. The body kit has been enhanced aerodynamically so that drivers can enjoy the MUGEN experience without feeling the heaviness of a Sedan. With its sport-tuned exhaust system, this baby is really meant to be taken out to the streets. Buying it will mean that you cannot just keep it all shiny and pristine in your garage---it wants action. The 2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan wants a go-getter owner who seeks the classy companion of a Sedan. And that is what this Civic can give you---so if you don’t fit this line, then maybe you’ll just be better off with granny’s old wagon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The 2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si

Aside from recreating the Civics with the MUGEN batch, Honda has come up with something more. They will be launching the 2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si by mid-October in the market. What is more, is that this new Civic flagship will come in two fleets---the Si Sedan, and the Si Coupe. Brilliant, eh? So if you have tried to catch some speed with the first release of the MUGEN Si, then maybe you can better tell the difference between this one, and that. According to Honda, this will be an exclusive model, adding notable modifications to the suspensions, body kit and the exhaust system.

I have personally not gone near one yet, but I intend to. This is probably one way to get over my frustrations with the Civic Type RR---which I had not even sighted up close! Anyway, let’s give this new fleet of Si’s to come, and if by any chance you happen to come across one, tell me which is better: the Coupe or the Sedan? For after all, they basically carry the same power. It all just boils down to the handling I guess, and its purpose in the streets. So don’t be too edgy yet guys, we’ll know once Honda lets these babies out for public inspection.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Honda Civic Hybrid Ad Goes for the Win

The “funny” Honda Civic Hybrid TV advertisement has caused noise among its audience. It even opened a topic of debate about what idea Honda was trying to say: that the person who drives hybrids is always better than those who don’t, or that the people who drive hybrids are cleaning up the mess of those who don’t. Either way, I’d say that this advertisement is pretty effective. Not only was it able to at least give positive perceptions on driving green, but it also managed to capture some humor too. Therefore, I’m sure it scored some laughs or giggles among the viewers. This is a refreshing car advertisement. Contrary to conventional ones wherein it is about how fast or how powerful the car is---this one is very human. So if you haven’t spotted it yet, better search the web and get that nostalgic feeling for the “Odd Couple”.