Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Civic MUGEN Si Sedan

The well-appreciated MUGEN Sedan is back and better for 2008. This flagship of Civic cars will apply the same old magic to lure many people and get its pulse in the market going, but what about the new things it has in store for us? Civic enthusiasts are probably on the edge of their seats right now as it has been reported that this baby will be hitting sales by mid-October. So aside from that powered 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine that can ride 197 ponies at 7,800 rpm, what else is new with the 2008 MUGEN Si Sedan?

This exclusive, 2008 model will boast an impressive suspension system with “lightweight forged aluminum wheels”. The body kit has been enhanced aerodynamically so that drivers can enjoy the MUGEN experience without feeling the heaviness of a Sedan. With its sport-tuned exhaust system, this baby is really meant to be taken out to the streets. Buying it will mean that you cannot just keep it all shiny and pristine in your garage---it wants action. The 2008 Honda Civic MUGEN Si Sedan wants a go-getter owner who seeks the classy companion of a Sedan. And that is what this Civic can give you---so if you don’t fit this line, then maybe you’ll just be better off with granny’s old wagon.