Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Honda Civic Hybrid Ad Goes for the Win

The “funny” Honda Civic Hybrid TV advertisement has caused noise among its audience. It even opened a topic of debate about what idea Honda was trying to say: that the person who drives hybrids is always better than those who don’t, or that the people who drive hybrids are cleaning up the mess of those who don’t. Either way, I’d say that this advertisement is pretty effective. Not only was it able to at least give positive perceptions on driving green, but it also managed to capture some humor too. Therefore, I’m sure it scored some laughs or giggles among the viewers. This is a refreshing car advertisement. Contrary to conventional ones wherein it is about how fast or how powerful the car is---this one is very human. So if you haven’t spotted it yet, better search the web and get that nostalgic feeling for the “Odd Couple”.