Thursday, October 25, 2007

Honda Civic Type R Variant Goes Stateside

There is a big possibility that the much coveted Honda Civic Type R will be offered in a diesel variant---to the US. While Honda Civic diesel engines are a new thing, you may be surprised to know that Civics usually come with a 2.2L diesel engine. This is common to other auto markets. This 2.2L diesel engine is said to make 140 ponies run under the hood. However, Civic contemporaries are a far cry to this. The VW Golf, Toyota Aurius, and Renault Megane are pretty strong with their diesel engines making 170 horsepower.

Hence, rumor has it that Honda will be implementing the CTDi Accord engine into the Civic Type R. This powertrain will guarantee 180 horsepower and 315 lbs-ft of torque. This will definitely tickle every Civic fan’s fancy. Boosting the Type R this fresh new way in North America will probably mean more sales. But more so, Honda will attain an image of being revolutionary. Not just with its engines, but also with its plans for future Honda Civics.

Source: Mobile Mag