Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sweet Honda Lovin’

Taking good care of your Honda is easy---keeping it at its best is another story. After all, your Honda is not high-maintenance. Its parts are all made and built to last every durability test, and function with great performance. I’m not just crapping in my chair here, I really do know for a fact that Hondas can outlive other cars. Even those that is Europe-based. Just take a look at the life of a Honda Civic. The many generations that it has seen are enough to qualify it as a car that really shows good Japanese carmaking.

Nevertheless, taking care of your Honda must still be observed. This can be accomplished by doing few, easy steps. Topping all of them, is the periodic (but regular) tune-up of the Honda. When it comes to the Honda’s “doctor’s check-up”, make sure that all the works are done. For instance, changing of the oils, the air filter, checking the brake pads for signs of wear, and the radiator are the constant things that must be done in tune-ups. Specific car systems that need to be checked include the ignition, cooling, exhaust, and the brakes. Making sure that all components of these systems are working will leave your Honda performing its best until (or even after) the next tune-up.

What’s new? Nothing I said above is new, because every car owner already knows this. But what every Honda lover must mind, is that Hondas must be kept on the road too. Do not let it bore in the garage and flaunt it off with sweet Honda pride.