Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Gas Price Rollback Perfect for the Honda Civic GX

The demand for Natural gas-driven vehicles is on a high. As people suffer from wars that sprout from oil monopoly, the insistent gas price hikes are added salts to the injury. But, the auto industry is not one to just sit back and let things happen. Hence, the creation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)-fueled vehicles happened.

In Utah, a price rollback was implemented at the start of the month, giving the usual 73.6 cents a slide, so now it is 63.9 cents. This significant number of decrease is translated clearly by the Deseret News’ story: “That means the Honda Civic GX---the only new vehicle on the market in Utah that is designed to run on natural gas and rated at 39 miles per gallon---would have a per-mile fuel cost of 1.6 cents, compared to 7.7 cents if the same vehicle used gasoline costing $3 per gallon.”

This rollback will be felt more by car owners who run on CNG vehicles. While CNG is often run on business vehicles and not private ones, the effect is better. Number one, consuming CNG leads to getting the best in fuel economy. This has already been proven, especially when compared to those gas-hungry muscle cars. Also, the emissions are cleaner with CNG. No need to worry about polluting the air.

With this rollback, we now conclude that good things really happen to good people.

Source: Deseret News