Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rally Civic Hybrid Wows Glyn Memorial Stage Rally Spectators

After learning about the Rally Type-R R3’s debut, the Civic Hybrid Rally is not one to be left behind. In fact, it made an impressive debut recently at the Glyn Memorial Stage Rally, which was held at the Anglesey Circuit complex, North of Wales. The Oaktec Team is responsible for the petrol electric powered Civic Hybrid Rally. Suffice to say, they are like proud parents when their baby pulled a really impressive performance for the two-day rally, which has 14 “special stages”. Unfortunately, the weather was bad during that time, but the Civic Hybrid Rally pulled through.

According to a release by Oaktec team, the Civic Hybrid Rally placed 48th over 88 in the overall category, and it even got the 6th spot over 13 cars in the modified 1400cc class. This all the more highlighted the environment-friendly Honda IMA technology. The car is said to be on display at the “Future of Motorsport” stand in London on December 8 to 9.

This is really good news for those who doubt the power of the Civic Hybrid. This will make you say, hey, a car with low emissions and striking power, I’d want that!