Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Team Honda J.A.S.---Impressive Gravel Round at the World Championship

After posting about the preparations that team Honda has undergone for the 2007 World Championship, we now have the news on how they fared. They were pretty much good---and I am not just saying that. As a matter of fact, they managed to take home a glistening class A7 win. This is despite veteran driver Dani Sola’s unsuccessful trips on the first and second day. What more if they took the road on a clear ride? (Smiles smugly.) (In photo: Dani Sola)

The Type-R R3 is the latest addition to Honda’s growing fleet of Civic cars. But the Type-R R3 is more geared towards conquering the gravel paths of the earth. (Or Great Britain for that matter.) According to Honda J.A.S. team, “…throughout the event, the Civic Type R R3 demonstrated perfect mechanical reliability and a prodigious pace, within two seconds per kilometre of the four-wheel drive Super 2000 cars,” the statement read. “On stage 16, Sola even set an excellent 25th quickest time overall, just behind the top runners in the Production Car World Championship.”

Also a flash of good news: the Type-R R3 is eligible for the Junior Championship to be held next year, the same race where Type-R R3 pilot Dani Sola championed. Sola only had good things to say about his experience, even if they encountered some problems along the way due to Britain’s rough roads and weather condition.

“I've been very impressed with the car throughout the rally, which has given us no mechanical problems whatsoever despite some very tough conditions. On Friday we were just a little too fast into the corner, so the car jumped out of the ruts left by the World Rally Cars and we went off, luckily with no damage,” he said in a statement. “Over the rest of the rally we were able to push quite hard and I'm very pleased with our times. I've also been very proud to contribute to the development of this great car with JAS Motorsport over the course of the year: now we have a really competitive package.”