Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Want a Type-R R3? Order now!

Great news for Honda Civic rally Type-R R3 fans! You now have the chance to experience rally track driving with the superior performance of the Civic! The rally-prepared Type-R R3 by JAS Motorsport is now ready to order. As a matter of fact, it received the full approval of the FIA. Honda was proud to have this baby of theirs to pass as a 2.0-liter two-wheel drive car. They have successfully complied with the latest rally regulations of the FIA, so this legally hot and smokin’ rally car can now be yours!

As a veteran tuner of Honda Civic sportscars, JAS Motorsport enhanced the engine and transmission box of this rally Civic, and even got a hand from Mugen. Actually, this rally-prepared Civic also shares the same framework as the European Civic FN, except the rally type sports a TIG welded roll cage that is crafted from Chrome-Molybdenum steel. Imagine ordering this baby to flaunt it to your friends (given of course, that you have the money to purchase it). They will surely drool over its 2.0-liter Mugen powerplant, producing 260 horses and can reach up to 8,300 rpm. Also, its rally racing components will get you going to the nearest Type-R R3 maker---4kg lightweight flywheel, Pro Competition-ready camshafts, exhaust pipe, air filter, and so much more. You definitely will not miss out if you have its steering wheel in your grip. But of course, if you want to buy this baby, make sure that you’re gonna be taking it out on some dirt road. Otherwise, this baby will fall asleep with the boredom of traversing the plain old highways.

Source: Product Review.com