Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hesitating to buy a Hybrid? Here are the reasons why you shouldn’t

People are always hesitant to try something new. This is greatly evident for the automotive industry. Its latest development, the Hybrid technology, has got everyone quite tiptoeing on whether or not they should ride along with the green bandwagon. Here are some of the most common reasons why people are hesitant on buying a Hybrid---and some of the reasons why they shouldn’t.


First: the Hybrid technology is quite complicated which makes it expensive to fix

--assessing the situation, this shouldn’t really be a legitimate reason for hesitation. As the automotive industry progresses, its complexity goes along with it. Even non-hybrid cars have gone totally complicated nowadays, which could lead to misguided conclusions in case of car problems. And let’s not forget: cars are only getting more expensive, not cheaper. Of course, our times have changed (along with the rise of expenses). We must not complain about shelling out money for our cars, because unless you are knowledgeable about modern automotive mechanics, then it’s really unlikely that you will spend money to have your problems solved. But just in case, keeping close contact with the dealer will not hurt, and prove to be handy in times of dire need.

Second: Hybrids have a limited battery pack life---according to the Kelley blue Book’s survey.

--All batteries have a limited pack life---even that of your internal combustion engine vehicle. But not to worry, according to, hybrids run on a regular gasoline-powered engine assisted by an electric motor. In fact, the electric motor's battery is charged through the gas engine while the car is braking and idling. Hence, the car batteries that Hybrids use are specifically designed to “move energy in and out quickly and efficiently,” according to Ford manager Tom Watson in the same interview.

Third: Hybrids can “stall” or “sputter”

--Some concerns were raised when some Hybrids would allegedly shut off their engines along the highways. But, this is only a “software glitch”. Car owners who experience this must immediately contact their dealers and have the new software installed to avoid having these problems.

When all else fails, you ought to try out what the Honda Civic hybrid has in store for you. You will be surprised that you hesitated to buy a hybrid, knowing that the Civic Hybrid has it all in one smooth package.