Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Honda Scholfield donates Honda Civic GX to Greensburg Kansas

Honda Scholfield of Witchita, being known as the only dealer of compressed natural gas in the state of Kansas, turned over the keys of a Honda Civic GX to Greensburg Green Town director Daniel Wallach last Tuesday. Honda Scholfield owner Roger Scholfield honored the ceremony. With this event came the dealer’s attempt to bring the issue of dealing natural gas vehicles on a larger scale in the country. Scholfield said that the technology in developing vehicles such as the Honda Civic GX is greatly needed in the country, as only 160,000 natural gas-run are being shipped to the States, over the six million that are being shipped worldwide.

As there are no plans yet on how the town will use the car that Honda donated, Wallach believes that the car’s presence alone can help boost the town’s efforts in showing their goal to achieve a greener city. As a matter of fact, Wallach sees this opportunity as the town’s first step to be seen as a “model of energy efficiency in transportation, as well as construction and urban design”. Green Town, the non-profit organization that Wallach has founded is planning to build a vehicle rental center in the city, which features “a wide array of state-of-the-art alternative fuel vehicles”, just like the electric-powered cars and the Honda Civic GX.

City Administrator Steve Hewitt only has praises for the whole event: “by stressing this kind of technology we’re showing our kids we can do things right and what is right is what is sustainable.”

Wallach has been known for pursuing his efforts after the May 4 tornado hit the town. He then has been consistently pushing his advocacy of energy efficiency and sustainability at all public forums. Greensburg Green Town was a result of his passionate attempts on bringing back the town what it had lost during the calamity.

Source: Kiowa County Signal