Friday, July 13, 2007

Honda Civic Inspires Students

What a fantastic school! The McLain High School Aerospace Applied Science program has had their students brainstorming and then eventually working on an electronic car that could save us all from the burden of gas price hike! Amazing. We should have done this ages ago instead of prioritizing American Idol probables. (sorry, incoherent mumbling)

Our students are right in the middle of this technology, that's where I wanted to put them,” said aerospace teacher Jim Smith in an interview with KOTV. “I wanted to find something that had relevance to them and something that would enrich their lives.”

And guess what? They were looking for ideas that will “take the students into the future, and the Honda Civic could be it.” My, my. Impressive, really. For choosing the Honda Civic, and of course, for caring about these students that much.

Also, according to the report, a team of students led by Dondale Frazier has managed to convert an old Honda to a solar powered electric car last year.

A really pleasant news. I wish everybody could just see how great it is to live the Honda Civic Life. Because if they did, you should too.