Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fall Out Boy Defends Honda Amidst Issues of Being a Sell-out

The band Fall Out Boy has shrugged off issues and criticisms which says that the band is becoming a sell-out. This is due to their current US tour, the Honda Civic Tour which is of course, sponsored by Honda. Bassist and spokesman Pete Wentz insists that the only to pass on affordable tickets to fans is to get corporate sponsorship.

We're really excited to be part of this Honda Civic Tour. It's all about helping the environment---nobody's flying, and there's recycling at all the venues. They even let us design our own Honda Hybrid,” he said in an interview with Blender magazine. He also went on to point out that a tour this size could be better off funded by a corporation. “People call it selling out, but that's how we can keep our ticket prices low. The Rolling Stones can charge $200 because their fans are 45 years old. It's a little harder when your fans are scraping together allowance money,” he concluded.

So for all you insecure fools out there, stop making them Fall Out Boys look bad, because at this age in the rock scene, 'tis good to know somebody still cares. But what's more, is that they believe that living the Honda Civic Life ain't bad either.