Friday, July 27, 2007

The Honda VTEC System-II

There are more ways to appreciate the VTEC System, all you have to do is to just understand what the variable valve timing is used for in a regular automobile. The end goal of the Honda VTEC System is used for allowing an appropriate mixture of air and fuel mixture intake to enter into the cylinder. In this way, the engine and the car will experience increased fuel efficiency and speed performance.

This is the main reason for the opening and closing of the valve at different engine speeds. But because the Honda VTEC System contains a Variable Valve Timing system that allows the valve to be opened and closed at the correct positioning and timing---one will actually be driving on a Honda engine that has an increased performance. Hence, the unquestionable performance of the Honda Civic.

Other companies, not wanting to be left out, have wanted to make similar devices to the Honda VTEC system. They are contemplating and trying to produce an infinite variable timing valve system. This type of device would prove to be even more difficult than the Honda VTEC System.