Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Small Cars are not only in, they're safe too!

Despite the growing trend of driving SUVs and huge trucks, people have started to raise the sales of small cars. According to Honda, the month of May has the most sales of the Civic ever. “Small is big right now,” notes Dick Colliver, executive vice president of Honda’s American operations. Aside from gas issues, many motorists have found that driving small cars could lead as well to the new revolution of driving green.

But more so, the advent of the small cars success has also proven that safety does not only come in big cars. Road accidents have decreased and a lot of safety features of the car have evolved. Significantly, most compact cars like the Civic approach the 3,000-pound mark that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has identified as the weight that provides good crash protection on highways populated with many big trucks and SUVs! Can you just imagine how great (and safe) it must be to live the Honda Civic Life? *wink