Thursday, June 14, 2007

The 2007 Honda Civic GX NGV---Driving for a Greener Place

The 2007 Honda Civic GX NGV may be an adapted version of Honda's 2006, but the NGV label makes a whole new difference. The Natural Gas Vehicle technology completely turns the world green. They run far cleaner than gasoline or diesel vehicles, their fuel costs about 33% less and most of the stuff is natural gas produced in the US, helping reduce dependency on foreign oil. With the rise of these cars, especially the fuel-efficient and high-performing Honda Civic GX NGV, there would be no excuse to drive green.

Or so we think.

But alas, there aren't enough publicly available CNG filling stations outside California, because this sunny state has about 100 such locations, including 60 within 100 miles of downtown Los Angeles. Many of them, however, require a special key card for admittance, so CNG vehicle drivers can't just drop in. what a shame right? Honda has done their part in creating a greener world, so others must follow suit. And just imagine how great it must be, to live the Honda Civic Life.