Thursday, June 14, 2007

Honda Civic ties up with Ikea!

Fresh news from Honda UK! Ikea, everybody's most loved home store, has 15 stores in the UK as well. And they have chosen to switch to the Honda Civic Hybrid to be the flagship of their company cars. They have aimed to cut carbon emissions by 9% as well by 2010, so they opted for the only reasonable choice---the Honda Civic Hybrid!

"Ikea's commitment to replace its entire fleet with Civic Hybrids is a real-life endorsement of the car and the excellent benefits it offers. In terms of cost, fuel efficiency and low emission driving the Civic Hybrid really stacks up," John Kingston, Environment Manager of Honda UK said in an interview. It isn't surprising that Ikea finally came to their senses and use the Civic Hybrid. For after all, it's just so great to live the Honda Civic Life!