Saturday, June 2, 2007

Honda Civic Hybrid to be replaced by 2009?

Honda Cars America has announced that they will be replacing the Civic Hybrid for the year 2009 with a cheaper car, which comes in the form of the Honda Fit.

I KNOW, RIGHT? Like, what were they thinking? However, Honda seemed to be reasonable in doing this, most specifically to cater to a wider market. "We believe hybridization is optimally applied to smaller vehicles," explained Ben Knight, Vice President of Honda America. "We are developing an all-new, purpose-built hybrid vehicle, scheduled for introduction later this decade that will meet the needs of a family at a price beneath the Civic Hybrid," he added.

But do not fret, this does not mean that our beloved Civic has been disappointing in performing its role as the Hybrid. This only means that they are giving more people the opportunity to own a Hybrid which costs less. (For how can we expect a perfect car as Civic to “cost less”?) I am not sure yet if they will still be producing Civic Hybrids or not, so for all of you lucky owners of the Civic Hybrid, hold on to your babies. They are rarity already. (I'll just keep you guys posted on this news okay?)