Friday, June 29, 2007

Look Out! The Honda Civic Mugen Type RR is Ready to Hit Japan!

For all Type R fans out there, your favorite ride just got hotter. It has been confirmed that Honda will be releasing a new Type R in Japan by the 13th of September! But what's even better is that this new ride will also be wearing the Mugen patch! Hence, let us all rise for the new Honda Civic Type RR Mugen.

This was said to be an exclusive model due to a limited 300-unit production only. So for those who would want to grab the ultimate car that is twice the Type R with Mugen, you guys better fly off to Japan now. (I know I want one.) The modifications made shows an increased width (+20mm: 1790mm), a lowered (-15mm) but also lighter body(-30kg: 1240kg) and a more powerful motor (from 225PS to 240PS @ 8.000rpm and 22.2kg-m of torque instead of 21.9). So, is this ride gonna be hitting auto stores worldwide? We don't know yet, but for the mean time, you can drool over these pics first courtesy of the AutoBlog.