Friday, June 1, 2007

Presenting, the Honda Civic Choir

Have you seen the TV ad for the Honda Civic? Of course you have, and you are probably thinking, “which one?” Well, the one with the Honda Civic Choir, of course. The one made by Honda UK. This particular TV ad fascinates me because it was able to capture the “human touch” of the Honda Civic.

Imagine a choir singing the tunes of a Honda Civic. Yes, tunes. Not sounds. Cars make sounds, but Honda Civic only makes tunes. Anyway, the choir hums at first to illustrate the smoothness of the Civic's machine. They all make the tunes that the Honda Civic makes as it drives along---wipers sloshing the windshield, power windows rolled up, the friendly screeches of the brakes, the friendly road that bows down to the passing Civic. This particular song has summed up the beautiful sounds that words could not describe when driving a Civic. Of course the beautiful shots of every frame were an added bonus. (*wink) Just imagine how great it must be to live the Honda Civic Life. (for video clips of the ad, check