Friday, June 22, 2007

Meet the Honda Civic's Sister, the Acura CSX

Due to the rise of the Honda Civic, its sister company, Acura, has created a new addition to the line of its luxury cars. Despite of its kinship and similarities to the Honda Civic, it still boasts of its own uniqueness. Perhaps the biggest would be its engine, the same 2.0-liter 4-cylinder mill found in Acura's sporty RSX coupe. The lightweight, aluminum engine delivers 155 hp---15 more ponies than the 1.8-liter unit found in the Civic. This baby was begot in Honda's assembly plot in Alliston, Canada. Check this sister out and spot its likeness to the loved Honda Civic. surely, it will receive good love from the people too.

Oh by the way, Acura is the sister company of Honda. So this kinship between the Honda Civic and the Acura CSX---totally legal. The only difference is Acura is aimed to the higher masses, whereas Honda is for everybody. For after all, how can you keep a Honda Civic from anybody who wants to own one?