Monday, April 7, 2008

Honda Civic Type R Conquers UK

What is the biggest-selling three door hatch in the UK today? It has a more than capable engine to outrun its competitors and carries the famous Honda badge. The answer is the Honda Civic Type R.

Ever since Honda unveiled the Civic Type R last March 2007 up until the end of February, the Japanese car maker has sold a total of 5, 192 units to satisfied customers in the UK. This number proves that the Honda Civic Type R is the hottest performance hatchback in the UK right now.

Meanwhile, its closest competitor, Ford, placed only second to Honda with sales of the Focus ST reaching 4, 778. Next to Ford in 3rd place is the Golf GTI with sales totaling to 1, 984 in the UK.

If you think that’s all the Honda Civic Type R has achieved, here are some more reasons why this Japanese car ought to be in the spotlight right now.

  • Honda listened to its customer’s pleas to have a more refined cabin with high specifications. The Japanese car maker unveiled the GT grade - and a huge 90 per cent of customers opt for this more comfortable, better-equipped Civic
  • If you’re going to look and analyze closely into its sales records, Honda (UK) has sold just one unit of the stripped-down, lightweight Type Rs (with no parcel shelf, stereo equipment or audio speakers)
  • The current residual value for the Civic Type R GT is an amazing 52 per cent
    (3 years / 60,000 miles) - this compares favorably with both the Focus ST (40 per cent) and Golf GTI (43 per cent)
  • 58 per cent of 3-door Civic sales are to conquest customers
  • During 2007, the Civic Type R won Top Gear magazine’s Hot Hatch of the Year and scooped the same award in Auto Express’s New Car Honors