Monday, March 31, 2008

Malfunctioning Handbrakes Found In Civics Sold in Britain

The many users of the Honda Civic in Britain are being warned of the car’s problem with malfunctioning handbrakes. Honda has taken the initiative to notify users of the Honda Civic in Britain, numbering to almost 63,000, to alert them of the car’s problem.

After a number of complaints from disgruntled car owners regarding the handbrake not sticking if applied, the giant Japanese car maker has issued a public apology to these car owners for the Civic’s flaw. Honda also offered these customers a new and functioning handbrake to ease their concerns over the car.

"We do apologize for any inconvenience to customers,” an unnamed Honda spokesman said:

"We will be sending out letters to our customers in March and April recommending that they visit their local Honda dealer to get an improved handbrake fitted,” He also added.

Honda Civics designed between 2006 and 2007 are apparently equipped with these malfunctioning handbrakes.

Honda recommends that owners do not push the release button when using the handbrake, which may result in it not catching.