Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Honda Selling The Civic Like Hot Pancakes In Europe

Honda has just delivered the knock-out punch to its competitors across the European Continent with an increase in their sales for 2007. Leading the surge in their sales is two of their best-selling models, the Civic and the CR-V.

For 2007, Honda posted a huge increase in the sales of the Civic, selling 160, 082 units, while their other best-seller, the CR-V, also fared well with 90, 562 units being sold all over Europe. This marks a 41.7% rise in the sales of the Civic and a 72.7% for the CR-V all over Europe.

Sales of the Civic Hybrid has been positive with sales reaching up 10, 515 units or a 206.6% rise for 2007. This marks an all-time sales record for Honda.

Honda is now on their 4th consecutive year of topping the annual sales in Europe and is also on their 6th year of holding the annual sales increase in the same region.

Sweden leads the pack of European countries in which Honda has achieved a surge in their sales with 60%. Norway comes in second with an increase of 55%. France, Greece and Poland follow them with an increase above 30%. Rounding off the countries who have posted an increase in their year-on-year sales in excess of 20% are Spain, the Netherlands and Denmark.

"We are very pleased to see that such a large number of European customers have chosen Honda products," said Shigeru Takagi, President of Honda Motor Europe Ltd.

Honda Is now looking to further the lead by a mile as it plans to release the new Accord this summer. They are also planning to release another best-seller, the 2nd generation Jazz, during the latter half of the year.