Friday, May 11, 2007

Honda Civic named Best New Car for First-Time Drivers established the Lifestyle Awards to recognize which vehicles were best suited for the lifestyle needs of today's car buyers. Despite a long and exhaustive deliberation, the Honda Civic was named Best New Car for First-Time Drivers.

According to, "Whether it's for someone just learning to drive or experienced drivers ready to purchase their first new car, the Honda Civic makes sense either way. Top crash-test scores should ease the minds of parents with a new driver in the house, and the Civic is available as either a coupe or sedan to suit different tastes. Roomy and comfortable inside, the conventional versions are thrifty performers, but there's also a hybrid for those looking for even better gas mileage."

There you go, laid the verdict. The car fits your lifestyle is the Honda Civic---whatever type of lifestyle you may lead. So just imagine how great it must be to live The Honda Civic life. (Photos courtesy of the Honda Civic site)